PHP14,500 Ancestral Origins Test

Begin unravelling your ancestry with our DNA test. Discover your ancestry and get a generalized picture of your ancestry from a unique genetic perspective. Our ancestral origins test will link your DNA to geographical regions and studied anthropological groups. Results ready in 2-3 weeks from receipt of samples.

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Begin discovering your roots

Our ancestral origins DNA test is just what you need if you wish to learn more about your deep ancestral roots. Yes, this test will in fact link you to that remote part of your genealogical pre-history. Our ancestry DNA test is a cutting edge service we offer for those wishing to dig deeper into their origins. We will provide you with an easy-to-use at home DNA sample collection kit.  Your results will be sent to you by email in 2 weeks starting from the time we get your samples.

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What will my genetic ancestry map show me?

Ancestry DNA Testing for Family and Genealogy Searches

Your ancestry map highlights 3 main aspects of your geo-genetic ancestry and answer the following questions:

  • How closely does your DNA match to that of studied populations? To do this we use specific colour codes for each population. Different colours will indicate how strong or weak your genetic relationship is to a given group. Yellow, for example, will indicate those groups to which your DNA matches least.
  • How closely does your DNA match to studied anthropological regions? This part of the ancestry analysis will tell you where your native regional genetic affiliations lie. In other words, we will tell you where your ancestors came from. This should indeed help you find some interesting links and often may be quite surprising as your deep ancestral roots may be very different to those of your recent ancestry.
  • Strength Indicators: Different colours on your map indicate a different degree of genetic affiliation with your ancestral groups. Different shapes are used to indicate the different studied anthropological groups. We merge these two different sets of data together on bar graphs to clearly display the regional matches and your native region matches.

Why not view a sample of the Ancestral Origins™ DNA Ancestry Report?

Our seal of quality: accreditation

Our laboratories are ISO 17025  accredited. With this advanced test we will tell you what geographical region or area your ancestors came from which could include:


  • North or South African
  • North or South European
  • American-European immigrants
  • Oceanic, Australian

Our database, known as FoGG DB™, contains all the genetic information we need. It is a database of human DNA blueprints which we use to link you to your genetic ancestry. It is this database which also enables us to produce your highly detailed, personalized map. To get an idea of just what your map could look like,  click here