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Accreditation is an international procedure used to determine and confirm the technical competence of a laboratory in a particular field. The accreditation process is based on a set number of criteria amd procedures designed specifically to determine the technical competence of the laboratory to produce an accurate DNA test.

The accreditation process is normally conducted by specialist technical assessors that are external to the laboratory. Through a rigorous evaluation process they will check all the processes that affect the production of the test or the calibration of the data. The laboratory accreditation specifically aims to confirm the laboratory’s ability to produce over and over again accurate and precise results.

At easyDNA all our DNA tests are performed by an internationally accredited laboratory. For more information about the laboratory and its accreditation visit the our laboratory section.

Accuracy of our testing

When issuing the result of a DNA paternity test, the alleged father will be confirmed as the true biological father of the child only if all the 20 genetic markers analysed do match those of the child (the 21st marker is analysed to confirm the sex of the individual tested) and is referred to as a \’no exclusions\’ situation. When the testing involves the mother, alleged father and child, we guarantee that our DNA paternity tests will generate a probability of paternity in excess of 99.999% when the paternity is confirmed. When it is a case of exclusion the probability of paternity will be 0% (or else a 100% exclusion).

In cases where the paternity test includes only one parent and the child, the resulting probability is in most cases greater than 99.99%, although an exact mimum probability of parenthood as per above cannot be determined in advance.

Such extremely high probabilities mean that you can have the peace of mind that the test will confirm whether the alleged father is the true biological father or not.

Sample DNA test results

In order to facilitate understanding our results, we have provided a sample to show you what a paternity testing result will look like. On the same page you will find comprehensive information on how to interpret the results you obtain.

If you require more information on our accredited DNA test contact our customer support team on