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Relationship Tests

Relationship testing can be used to confirm whether alleged relatives are really biological related. We can carry out testing between grandparents and grandchildren, brothers and sisters and other relatives. Begin getting the answers you need today.

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Siblings DNA Test

Doubt if you are siblings? Our Sibling testing is in many cases carried out between brothers and sisters who want to know whether or not they share the same biological dad but cannot directly carry out a paternity DNA analysis. Lets talk about, Call us now!

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Twins DNA Test

Do your twins look identical? Can you really be sure? The most accurate way of confirming with 100% accuracy whether twins are identical or fraternal is by means of a twins test. easyDNA offers DNA twins testing services to determines if siblings are identical twins or not. Call us for more details!

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Grandparentage Test

Are you the grandparents of your grandchildren? Using samples from the grandchild and the grandmother and grandfather we can help you get the answers you need. Through a DNA grandparentage test, the biological parents of the alleged father can be tested to the child to determine if there is a biological relationship. Contact our customer service team to discuss your relationship DNA testing case.

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Aunt & Uncle Test

Are you biological relative? Through an aunt-uncle DNA test it is possible to determine the likelihood that an individual is the Aunt or Uncle of a known niece or nephew. For more information about our aunt-uncle DNA test or any other relationship test, or to discuss your case, contact us directly!

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Y Chromosome Test

Do you need to know if you share the same biological father, grandfather or male relative? Y testing will clearly show whether males have the same father or a common male line. If males are genuinely blood relatives, then they must have the same Y chromosome profile.

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Maternity Test

Do you need to prove that your children are your biological offspring? A DNA maternity test is used to prove the existence of a biological relationship between an alleged mother and a child. The results guarantee a 99.99% for inclusion of maternity and 100% for exclusion.

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If you have difficulty deciding which DNA Testing service you require then Contact Us directly.