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PHP14,800 Twins DNA Test

Do your twins look identical? Can you really be sure? The most accurate way of confirming with 100% accuracy whether twins are identical or fraternal is by means of a twins test. easyDNA offers DNA twins testing services to determines if siblings are identical twins or not. Call us for more details!

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DNA Testing for Twins

Twin siblings can either be ”identical” or ”fraternal”, and knowing whether twins are identical or not is often difficult. Only a DNA test for twins is able to provide an accurate confirmation of your twin status.

Appearance alone often is not a reliable method in determining twin type because identical twins do not always look exactly the same and fraternal twins can sometimes look very similar, leading to confusion about exactly what type of twins they are. Sometimes, twins grow up never knowing for sure whether they are identical.

Reasons for doing a twin zygosity DNA test

There are various reasons to do DNA twins testing. The most common reason is for curiosity purposes whereby parents of twins or the twins themselves may wish to know whether they are identical or non-identical.

However, other applications include medical requirements such as situations involving blood transfusions or organ transplantation since the involvement of an identical twin can help save the others life.

Order & pricing

Our twin zygosity test costs PHP14,800 for testing of two siblings.

All the DNA testing is performed by our ISO17025 accredited laboratory. All testing is performed using 21 Different Genetic Markers to guarantee results with minimum probabilities in excess of 99.99%. Your results will be sent to you in under 10 working days from arrival of the samples at our labs. We do not offer an express testing option on this type of test.

You can order your twin zygosity DNA test directly from our Order page. A DNA collection kit will be sent to you to collect your own sample. You can visit our sample collection guide to see how easy it is to collect the samples. You can also submit different samples for testing – please visit our DNA forensic testing section for more information.