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From PHP15,000 Siblings DNA Test

Doubt if you are siblings? Our Sibling testing is in many cases carried out between brothers and sisters who want to know whether or not they share the same biological dad but cannot directly carry out a paternity DNA analysis. Lets talk about, Call us now!

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Sibling DNA testing

This test is recommended when two individuals who are allegedly siblings want to confirm or exclude a biological relationship to each other. This test can be used for full-siblings who share both biological parents as well as half-siblings, who share one common parent.  Results, given as a percentage, will measure the strength of the genetic relationship between the two people being tested.

Sibling Test uses STR analysis when determining a degree of relationship. This means that a large number of DNA loci are compared between the individuals being tested and the population in general. Including the common parent (usually the mother) in the testing, strengthens the results. Visit the STR testing page for more information.

Siblingship testing starts from as little as From PHP15,000  and the price includes our DNA testing kit. Results will be sent in 3-4 weeks from the receipt of samples at the laboratory.

We strongly suggest including the sample of a known mother to provide stronger results.

Paternal-Lineage Testing: Y Chromosome

easyDNA Philippines can help two siblings determine if they share the same father. If the siblings to be tested are males, then a Y-chromosome test is recommended. (Visit the Y-chromosome testing page for more information on this test). Y testing will clearly show whether males have the same father or a common male line. If males are genuinely blood relatives, then they must have the same Y chromosome profile.

If the siblings to be tested are female, and have different mothers, an X-chromosome test can be used to confirm if they share the same biological father. (Visit our X-chromosome testing page for more information on this test.)

Unfortunately, if two or more females have the same biological mother and wish to know if they have the same dad, they cannot benefit from doing an X test unless the mother’s sample is available. In this particular instance the mother’s sample is indispensable to have a conclusive result.

Maternal-Lineage Testing

If you wish to explore you family tree further we recommend looking into our ancestry tests available. Visit our Ancestery Page for more information on these tests.