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Inquire Discreet Test

There may be cases where it is not possible to obtain the DNA samples to perform a DNA test through the standard oral swab that is provided with our DNA testing kit. In such situations, EasyDNA offers a state of the art DNA forensic testing service that is able to process different discreet DNA samples in order to obtain a usable DNA sample. “Not Available in conjunction with Express Testing.”

Discreet DNA testing services

Based on extensive experience in DNA Forensic Testing, EasyDNA is able to process a  wide range of samples ranging from the more common hair DNA testing and blood DNA testing,  to more complex cases involving samples such as bones and age old envelopes and stamps. We recommend that you contact our expert advisors so that we can discuss your case and identify the best testing options.

A comprehensive list of forensic DNA samples is shown below. The list also includes information about packaging and sending the samples, the additional cost per sample as well as the expected DNA extraction rate. Please also review the terms and conditions for submitting a discreet DNA Sample for more information.

More information on discreet DNA samples :

Our team is at your disposal to answer any questions you may have regarding your case. In addition, we also suggest you review our frequently asked questions section for more information about our forensic DNA testing services.