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From PHP16,900 Grandparentage Test

Are you the grandparents of your grandchildren? Using samples from the grandchild and the grandmother and grandfather we can help you get the answers you need. Through a DNA grandparentage test, the biological parents of the alleged father can be tested to the child to determine if there is a biological relationship. Contact our customer service team to discuss your relationship DNA testing case.

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Relationship Testing – Grandparentage DNA Test

When undertaking such a test, it is strongly recommended that both Grandparents are tested in order to strengthen the results. However, the test can also be performed with only one grandparent. Normally, we also recommend that the sample of the other parent (normally the Mother) is included.

Two types of grandparentage tests offered

Ideally, one should opt for the testing of both grandparents in a duo grand parentage test. The possibility to analyze both their DNA’s will make it easier to reconstruct the alleged father’s DNA.  Once the alleged father’s DNA profile has been determined, it is then a matter of comparing it with that of the child. In this kind of test, as mentioned, we recommend providing the mother’s sample alongside that of the grandparents as this will strengthen the results. This can be done for an extra fee.

The second option is the one to choose should one of the grandparents not be available for testing. The single grand parentage test makes it more difficult to fully draw up the alleged father’s genetic blueprint. The mother’s sample is required in such a situation. This test should nevertheless help determine whether there is a biological relationship between the grandparents and the child. The inclusion of the mother is recommended.

Ordering & pricing

The grand parentage test both grant parent will be tested the priced is From PHP16,900 . The cost changing depending on who will be tested. Results are available via email in a maximum of 10  working days from the receipt of samples at the laboratory. Contact our customer service team to discuss your relationship DNA testing case.