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Express Tests

At EasyDNA Philippines we understand that it is sometimes necessary to obtain your DNA test results as quickly as possible, through our express DNA testing option we can now also offer you the opportunity to obtain you DNA test results in just 7 working days after the samples are received at the laboratory and registered into our system.

When should I order the express DNA testing option?

– At EasyDNA Philippines you may order the express testing option at any time during your testing process. – You can select it when you place your initial order for your DNA test. – You can upgrade to the option later on in the process if you decide you need the results as quickly as possible; even after you have sent the samples back to us. – For your convenience, we email your due date for the results once your samples are received. As soon as your payment has been made, this will be noted in the system and your samples will be upgraded to express status therefore placing priority on your samples for analysis.

How do I order the express testing option?

1. Firstly, go to our Order page and select the specific DNA test for your needs. 2. Secondly, select the Express Service Option at the bottom of the page. 3. Lastly click to order. The cost of this service will be added to the cost of the test you have selected. Please note that the cost of express testing is a standard fee and does not depend on the number of persons tested or the type of test being performed. If you have already ordered a DNA test and want to upgrade to an express test, then you can email our customer service centre on and request that your test be upgraded. We will then send you a secure link for you to make payment and once this is done your test will be upgraded to express status.

Express testing

You can select your express DNA test with some of our DNA tests. Consult our customer support team if you wish to have further information.