Ancestry DNA testing on Hitler's relatives

DNA ancestry testing has shown that Adolf Hitler descended for the race he most abhorred. Our ancestry is very much etched in our DNA and testing for it can scientifically tell us who are our ancient ancestors likely were as well as enlightening us of where they came from and their migration patterns.

Hitler persecuted Jews. He abhorred the race which he did not even deem to be human his name remains synonymous with evil. Within a span of just a few years the systematic extermination of Jews brought the death of 6 million Jews. Whatever would Hitler have said had he known the results of his ancestry DNA test? – His genes tell us that his ancestors and anthropological origins strongly link back to the Jews and to Northern African tribes such as the Moroccan Berbers. Do you wish to find out about your origins? Click here to learn about ancestry tests in India.

To be able to find Hitler’s ancestry, Jean-Paul Mulders and Marc Vermeeren, have had to find living descendants of Hitler’s; they in fact did track down some cousins; one of the an Austrian farmer known as Norbert H. Hitler committed suicide by shooting himself in the head; his body was probably burned and thus getting a DNA sample today from his remains is impossible. However, using the DNA of relatives can give definitive answers about the ancestry.

The DNA testing of ancestry was done by simply taking saliva samples using mouth swabs which are rubbed on the inside of the mouth. The results of the laboratory analysis showed that Hitler belongs to a haplogroup known as the E1b1b.

How the receipt of these results will be taken is one interesting question! It would appear that many in the Berber communities around the world are already outraged at being genetically linked to a person who is, for many, something akin to the embodiment of evil.

Ancestry DNA testing can have a very specific scope and perhaps link two people together or a more general scope which sets out to find you geogenetic links by comparing your DNA with studied anthropological groups and geographical regions. How ironic that ancestry DNA testing has revealed that Adolf Hitler detested the race he originated from with such virulent vengeance.